Custom Made Jewelry

Frances Sanseverino creates...

fran.jpgA Graduate Gemologist (GIA) and third generation European jewelry designer who has been designing beautiful custom jewelry for over twenty-five years. Her career began in 1976 when her Father recognized her ability to select and match quality precious gems. She was given the task of picking and matching the best diamonds and colored stones for exquisite jewelry hand-made by her Father at New York City’s Paramount Diamond Exchange. She progressed to the lost wax technique and has been designing and carving a wide variety of magnificent custom rings, pendants and earrings. With each client she takes the time to design a piece unique to the individual, then hand carves the wax mold to be fashioned in Gold or Platinum. One may select from a wide range of loose gems tones or utilize their own gems to finish a piece that is one of a kind. Below is a sample of her work in both diamond and colored stones. Please call to schedule an appointment (480) 661-1932.


Have your current diamonds or colored gemstones put in a brand new mounting. We can add to your stones or just use what you already have in a mounting that you select. There are hundreds of mountings to choose from or bring in a picture so we can find exactly what you are looking for in a spectacular new mounting to display your diamonds. We can also create your very own design.


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